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Zacharias Wolfe

Zacharias Wolfe is a composer and musician based in London but originally from Stockholm, Sweden. He recently finished his studies in composition with Dr Haris Kittos at the Royal College of Music in London, where he graduated with distinction.

Zacharias’ main interest lies in working interdisciplinary across genres and art forms, an interest that has lead him to work with film makers, artists, fashion designers, dancers and musicians. His music has appeared in Sweden, UK and France and in as diverse contexts such as the Royal Academy of Art, techno clubs, contemporary music festivals and concert halls. A common thread in his work is a subtle focus on texture, slow developments and an exploration of the audience’s perception of time. He believes performance is a form of ritual, silence is time undisturbed and that the act of listening can provide a gateway into infinity and oblivion.
Outside of composition he likes to spend time with friends, read and dance.

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