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Alessandra Fertitta

Alessandra Fertitta is a theatrical educator, psychomotrician and a graduate in Group and community psychology. She deals with education and professional training on several levels through the languages ​​of the art and theater. Her approach to the world of the arts was born from dance and then moved on to theater, but her growing curiosity and passion for psychology led her to intertwine the practice of artistic languages ​​with the dynamics of human behavior in a very deep way, continuously experimenting with "Creativity" as a human resource. She worked for several years in both public and private schools with different age groups, opening then her own school of expressive arts and dedicating herself to the education and training of teachers and professionals of various levels in different art sectors. She collaborates with with her own experience with different scholars and artists to deepen the relationship between mankind and art in the development of the person. The body, the word, the image, the material and the relationship are her work tools, through which, depending on the target group, she works on creative projects. She strongly believes in the fundamental principle that the arts are a vehicle for exploring oneself and the world, and must be taught as a tool for social integration and prevention.


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