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Tilen Slakan

Tilen Slakan is a Sloveninan composer. He started studying music at the primary school "Risto Savin" in Zalec, where he studied trumped and piano, and continued studying trupet at the Superior Artistic School "Vlenje" with David Spec. He developed and interest in composition encouraged by his professor Slavko Suklar, and decided then to continue his studies at the Academy of Music of Ljubljana, where he got his degree in the studio of Satno Arnold. He finished his master studies in pedagogy and composition with Mar Mihevc and he is currently pursuing a Phd with Andrej Misson as supervisor.

As a composer Tilen Slakan regularly collaborates with different orchestras (Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, Woodwinds Orchestra Zarja Šoštanj, Slovenian Police Orchestra, the Academy’s Symphony Orchestra, String Chamber Orchestra "Camerata Laibach", Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje Symphony Orchestra, Risto Savin Žalec Symphony Orchestra, Brass Band Slovenia, Tambourine Orchestra “Tamburjaši”, etc.), chamber groups (SToP – Slovenian Percussion Project, the Academy’s Brass ensemble, Goodivas String Quartet, Dissonance String Quartet, RojoTango Orchestra, Piano Trio "Trio Liberte", the Academy’s Trumpet ensemble and Percussion Studio, etc.), choirs  (the Academy’s Chamber Choir, Tone Tomšič Academic Choir, Mixed Choir Tabor, Women’s Choir ČarniCe, etc.), and soloists (Stanko Arnold, Petra Vidmar, Nikola Pajanović, Jure Gradišnik, etc.).

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