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Pietro Molteni

Pietro Molteni started playing the violin at a young age, studying with Stefan Coles at Accademia Europea di Musica in Erba, and at Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Como. He studied viola at Conservatory “G.Verdi” in Milano and with Iakov Zats. He attended masterclasses in Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Croatia with highly esteemed teachers such as Bruno Giuranna, Ula Ulijona, Jurgen Weber.  He took part in several chamber music groups and orchestras including Quartetto di Como, Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana, Orchestra Cantelli, Pommersfelden collegium Musicum Orchestra, and he had opportunity to play in important venues such as the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, Prinzregententheater (Munich), Sala Verdi (Milano),Teatro Dal Verme (Milano), Università gregoriana (Roma), Sala Nervi (Città del Vaticano), Teatro Sociale of Como. He has always had a keen interest in chamber music, founding the Quartetto di Como and working with several ensembles with which performed in several festivals in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, and USA. In 2012 he was selected with his quartet to attend the “Collegium Musicum of Pommersfelden” in Bavaria, and he worked in “Recontre avec l’Italie” project in order to tour, gain exposure for, and promote Italian chamber music in some French Cities. As a soloist, he performed the Stamitz concerto for viola in 2016 with the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra. He is very interested in contemporary music, and he worked with “Formanti ensemble” and performed in several contemporary festivals such as “Festival Pontino” in Sermoneta and “Contemporarities” in Milano. Recently he worked with “Alla maniera italiana” quartet on Gustav Krug and Peter Gast never-recorded string quartets, as guests of Nietsche-haus festival in Sils Maria (Swiss). He performed in several chamber music ensembles playing with well renowned musicians such as Vsevolod Dvorkin, Iakov Zats, Crtomir Siskovich, Dmitri Chishlov.  He regularly performs duo recitals with pianist Federico Ceriani with whom in 2019 was selected to perform in Carnegie Hall in New York.


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